Your website is very similar to others, are you working with them?
I am not and you will see my photo on my websites. Sadly other website owners engage in blackhat SEO steal other peoples content and try to take any ranking they earned.

Do you travel?
Yes, up to 2 hours in any direction from the IOP

How to pay?
Cash and cash apps are acceptable ways of payment.

Can you do ....?
Ask me when I get to your show. The same person booking your party is doing the show.

Can we see the guy we get?
You have in the images, I do not engage in bait an switch or other deceptive methods to gain your business. A good way to know if  a image is fake is look at all the website other pages in different cities, do you see the same guys?

Can i call 1-3 hours before I need a  man?
Give it a show for sure, since I am doing the shows it is easier for me to get to them.

Do you have a page for Charleston SC?
Yes reach me at  https://michaelatyourplace.com

I do not permit the usage of my website content without permission 2023